Effortless Ways : How To Remove Mehndi From Hand At Home

Lemon and Sugar Scrub – Gentle and Effective

Lemon’s bleaching properties and sugar’s exfoliation will lighten the mehndi. Rinse off after a few minutes for visible results.

Warm Olive Oil Soak – Nourish and Remove

Olive oil breaks down the henna while nourishing your skin. Gently wipe  away the mehndi after the soak, leaving your hands feeling refreshed.

Milk and Turmeric  Paste – Timeless Elegance

Milk’s lactic acid and turmeric’s properties help remove mehndi, leaving your skin glowing.

Baking Soda and  Lemon Juice –  A Powerful Duo

The natural abrasiveness and lemon’s bleaching will lighten the mehndi. Gently rinse it off for noticeable improvements.

Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly – A Gentle Option

Vaseline will help loosen the henna pigment for easy removal.

Patience and Consistency – The Key to Success